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In 2016 we answered a call in our local, online newspaper, Next Door, inviting anyone interested to come join a small group who were currently serving coffee and donuts to the homeless population in Venice. Within a few short weeks we saw the great need for so much more. We began to bring hand sanitizers, wipes, tissues, shoes, blankets, tents and whatever else we could supply. We decided we wanted to help on a much more personal level, far beyond dropping off supplies and serving coffee.  We chose to see if we could begin to transition the homeless off the streets. It took a tremendous amount of time to build the necessary trust with each person before they slowly began to believe we really were going to help them transition from chronic homelessness into a life with purpose. This is a very long expensive process which requires endless courage, strength, and resilience on the part of the homeless individual trying to change their life.

In 2017 we established our I.R.C. 501(c)(3) Hope For The Hearts Of The Homeless, Inc., hopesforhomeless.org.  We were making progress and began to witness success, watching those who wanted to change their lives succeed, yet needing a helping hand throughout the entire process. For some it begins with a hospital stay first, for others it’s a drug/alcohol rehab, and for many it is help finding affordable housing. In addition, we assist obtaining eligible benefits for those who qualify.

We currently work close to 7 days a week with many days going well into the night. All we do is worth every minute, seeing a once homeless individual blossom into a new life. Once stable, we then assist with job placement for some, going back to school for others, and reconnecting some with their family and friends, once estranged.

Please help us help the homeless. You have the chance of a lifetime, an opportunity to change a life…yes, to really change the life of someone once homeless, hurting, and desperate who now is a productive, giving member of society. Please donate and help us continue our mission…to help the homeless out of chronic homelessness and into a life, redirected, becoming a beautiful, happy member of society. 

Please help us win the fight against homelessness in Los Angeles!


We go out twice weekly at Santa Monica / Venice Beach where we serve Coffee and a Continental Breakfast provided by us and donations from local merchants. We provide water, fruit and other donated foods, health and sanitary items, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, clothing and shoes. We currently serve approximately 50-80 people over the two (2) days. We prepare and serve in the AM. During this 60-90 minutes we outreach for those amongst the homeless requiring services from relevant local Charitable, NGO and Governmental Providers or just a caring ear.

We obtain information and follow up with appropriate providers and act as liaison and advocate on our clients’ behalf.  We reach out to Hospitals for Detox and Mental Stabilization, Drug and Alcohol Rehabs for obtaining sobriety, Sober Living for those in Recovery and Transitional Housing or Shelters for those who are ready. We assist Clients with obtaining Identification documents, governmental assistance, including Federal Social Security Benefits (SSI, SSDI) and local benefits from the State and/or County here in Los Angeles as well as local NGO’s and we provide an address for mail receipt.

We provide support and information to our clients and their family members in the event of hospitalization or incarceration, including face-to-face meetings, telephone calls and transportation. We try to place Clients within thirty (30) miles of us to allow visiting and keep gas expenses reasonable. We presently spend approximately 5-6 days per week including the two (2) service mornings, doing research, calling potential providers, visiting with clients in various institutions, shopping, preparation, follow up with clients and transportation.


Hopes For Homeless


"Just a little something to let you know how very grateful I am to have a beautiful blessing like you in my life love always."
Hopes For Homeless


"Thank you Joel and Pam. Your magnificent kindness is so much appreciated! You both make a huge positive difference for the planet."
Hopes For Homeless


"And an even bigger thank you to you and Joel for opening up your home to me. I am empowered by your trust in me as a person."
Hopes For Homeless


"A thoughtful deed done in a warm, loving way tells more of care and kindness than any words can say."





We need your help! We currently serve over 100 people weekly. With your help, we can continue providing healthy meals, basic necessities, perform outreach services, visit with the clients and transport them to housing, appointments and ultimately transition back into a life of stability and purpose.

The process of housing is often a lengthy endeavor. This process typically begins with hospitalizations, mental stabilization programs, detox, rehabs and other necessary services. Your donation of funding, time, resources, clothing, toiletries and personal hygiene items are greatly appreciated. Please contact us if you would like to donate any of the above items.

Thank you for your donation!

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