Our mission

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization engaged in outreach and advocacy for our unhoused neighbors in West LA. We aim to empower our friends experiencing homelessness with the gift of hope

We change lives with love and care.

What we do

We serve breakfast on Thursday and Sunday mornings from 10:00am to noon around the Rose Avenue parking lot. On Thursdays you can find us on the boardwalk, and on Sundays we’re next to the bike rentals in the parking lot. During the summer we are also out by the bike rentals on Tuesday nights around 5:00pm, distributing boxed meals.

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Hope For The Hearts Of The Homeless, or Hopes For Homeless for short, is a full-service organization, which means we do everything from serving breakfast twice a week on the boardwalk to connecting our unhoused friends with housing providers, rehab, medical care, and more. We help people apply for government benefits. We pet-sit. We reconnect people experiencing homelessness with family and friends. We visit our formerly unhoused friends in their new homes and provide support. Our founder even helped deliver a baby born to an unhoused woman on the beach. We’re committed to standing in solidarity with those experiencing homelessness, and we consider them our friends and family.


How you can help

You can have a direct impact on the lives of your neighbors facing homelessness. We’ve continued to serve our community through the pandemic, distributing masks and PPE to keep everyone safe. Now, as Venice becomes the political center of LA’s war on homelessness, our work is more crucial than ever. Help us show up for our unhoused neighbors and support them as they transition into housing. Help us do our outreach with empathy and patience, contrary to the sheriff’s approach of criminalizing homelessness. Living on the streets can be incredibly lonely, and our goal has always been to create a supportive community for the people we help. That’s the first step to making any sort of change.

We are currently accepting donations of all kinds — money, food, clothing, hygiene products, and more. We’re particularly in need of donations to go toward rent for a storage unit for donated goods. Check out the links below to support our work, or email hopesforhomelessla@gmail.com.

Follow our journey on Instagram @hopesforhomelessla!


Board of Directors

Pamela Connolly       CEO, Founder & President

Joel Post       Director of Supportive Services

Anjana Saravanan       Director of Partnerships & Media

Alexander Lehr       Director

Contact Us

The quickest way to reach us is by calling our founder at (310) 404-9761, or by sending an email to hopesforhomelessla@gmail.com

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