Our mission

We aim to empower our unhoused neighbors by offering them the gift of hope through empathetic grassroots outreach, from serving breakfast to finding housing, making doctor’s appointments to connecting people with rehab — and everything in between.

Indiscriminately serving the unhoused community in Venice Beach and across West LA.

What we do

We serve breakfast at the Rose Avenue parking lot on Venice Beach from 9:45AM to 11:15AM every Thursday and Sunday, and we serve dinner on Tuesdays at 5:30PM. This is when we start forming meaningful relationships with people currently experiencing homelessness and build trust in the community.

We build off of this mutual trust to begin conversations with those we serve, moving towards placing our clients in housing, helping them seek rehabilitation, obtaining government documents or identification, transporting them to medical appointments, and much more. 

Partnering with community organizations to extend a hand of mutual aid for those facing homelessness.

COVID-19 update

We have a strict no-mask, no-service policy while we are on-site in Venice and we distribute masks to help people follow this guideline. 

Due to Covid, more people are forced on the streets every day, and this problem will drastically worsen when rent comes due post-pandemic. Without weekly street cleanups, more and more unhoused folks are settling in Venice. 

In light of this we’re actively networking, setting up partnerships, and applying for grants so we can expand our outreach further and support those who need it most, now and in the future.

Our work will only become more crucial in the new normal.

How you can help

You can have a direct impact on the lives of those who face homelessness. Monetary donations will directly be used to purchase food and hygiene products for those in need. Funds will also be used for transportation and gas to connect clients with rehab and medical appointments. If you are able to provide material donations (food, clothing, hygiene products), please reach out to us at hopesforhomelessla@gmail.com.

Find us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our progress as we grow and continue to change lives with love and care. 


Board of Directors

Pamela Connolly   CEO, Founder & President

Joel Post   Chief Operations Officer

Alexander Lehr   Director (Outreach & Fundraising)

Anjana Saravanan   Director (Web Development, Partnerships & Social Media)

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